Hello and thanks for checking out my site! My background is in dance, primarily ballet and modern. I have a BA in dance and performance and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media. I spent 17 years in New York City as a dancer and a dance/media artist visiting galleries and museums as my source of inspiration.  I am a huge fan of visual art and want to use this platform to dialogue about all things Art. This site contains images from the most current shows and exhibits taking place in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. I will be posting new work every couple of weeks. Please feel free to comment on anything you like or don't like. I am always curious to know what others think about Art. Also, please check out my dance/media website carrdancemedia.com



My adventures include a BFA in Fine Art, being a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan, a study abroad painting class in France, and a summer internship in Washington DC.  Plus, I moved across the country from Kentucky to Seattle almost 2 years ago and am looking to add more art to my life.  I am interested in promoting a healthy creative process because I think people can be productive, innovative, and influential artists without being self destructive.  The creative process provides a way for me to understand and explore the human experience that I am having in this body, in this place, in this time.  Check out my creative journey  on my newly relaunched website at www.megankellyhensley.com