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06/23/21 Please scroll down to find another great informal art talk on the works of 5 different



05/26/21 Please join me in another informal talk on a few artists via livestream. The video is below as well as the links to the various artists we will be discussing.


04/28/21 Please join me in an informal talk on a few artists via livestream. The video is below and please find links above the video of the artists we will be discussing. Also, feel free to leave a comment on what you think. -Thanks!


08/10/2019  Megan (a regular contributor to this site) and myself recently attended the Seattle Art Fair. Megan's response is below the images, please feel free to comment. Also, please contact me if you would like more information on any of the artwork. 

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  • Bryon Carr

August 1st- 4th

Meghan: It was my first time and I was really blown away.  The scale and volume of work was a lot to absorb!  I noticed a trend in a lot of abstract paintings, an mixed media pieces with some kind of digital component, and lots of bright (sometimes 90's neon) colors.  I was particularly impressed with the glass work that surprised me in the form of miniature landscapes to full scale dresses.  I thought a lot of the abstract paintings lacked time and layers.  It seems like a misconception that doing abstract imagery means that you can do a lot of random quick mark-making without putting in the necessary build up of the surface.  What a cool opportunity to have so many different pieces of art in the same space at once!

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  • Bryon Carr

May 2nd - June 1st

Megan: Wow!  These garments have a head turning quality to them.  They are located in the back of the gallery but draw you in from the street because of their size and presence.  I think the craftsmanship is very well done and there is a lot of texture for my eye to fixate on.  There is a ancient, tribal reference in the overall design and combination of elements but the unusual colors - especially the black and silver - that give a more fantastical deity vibe.  I think the scale and amount of material is perfect and makes the piece really memorizing (and a little intimidating).  It's so good! 

Megan: This was a simple but really effective piece.  The tea set is almost cartoonishly traditional and formal which makes the black squiggle lines feel like a commentary on the status quo, outdated narratives of women or femininity, and the fussiness of something like a formal tea.  There is an almost 'gross' quality to the line-work but the style is very playful and funny!  

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  • Bryon Carr

Megan: I really love the thick texture of the paint and the 'meaty' quality of the way the paint is laying on the surfaces.  The bright blocked colors hold my attention and the compositions are that nice mixture of abstract and landscape, which I personally enjoy.  It makes my eye shift back and forth from seeing more three-dimensional form and flattened color blocks.  

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