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06/23/21 Please scroll down to find another great informal art talk on the works of 5 different



05/26/21 Please join me in another informal talk on a few artists via livestream. The video is below as well as the links to the various artists we will be discussing.


04/28/21 Please join me in an informal talk on a few artists via livestream. The video is below and please find links above the video of the artists we will be discussing. Also, feel free to leave a comment on what you think. -Thanks!


08/10/2019  Megan (a regular contributor to this site) and myself recently attended the Seattle Art Fair. Megan's response is below the images, please feel free to comment. Also, please contact me if you would like more information on any of the artwork. 

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  • Bryon Carr

Tropical Vibes by: Elizabeth Gahan

Megan: What a refreshing first impression!  My reaction to seeing the first piece and then scanning the rest of the room is a genuine surprise.  I love this feeling when looking at art exhibits because it is really hard to create that experience in the contemporary art scene.  What a beautiful use of combining bright colors and various levels of saturation.  I think the heavily textured and juicy paint in the foreground is oil paint which is a great use of the best properties of oils.  I'm really struck by the sophisticated balance of painterly qualities in the way the color is applied and the illustrative imagery and line work.  Such a nice departure from what is being shown at the moment and a captivating experience.

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  • Bryon Carr


Megan: Immediately I am noticing the amount of pieces in the space.  The details on every piece are thoughtfully done, the quality of the production is evident of investing a good amount of money and skill, and I'm impressed with the amount of work it took to hang/curate this show.  The combination of cheeky humor and skillful design is very effective in this exhibit.  I like the use of logos and consumerism references using fine art materials.  It seems like a good way to engage a younger audience with contemporary subject matter but still able to reveal some of the darkness and flaws behind it.

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  • Bryon Carr

1/27/19 Megan (a regular contributor to this site) and I attended the Frye Museum's opening exhibition group show on Friday. Check out the images below, I recommend seeing it. I really enjoyed this show, I think the artist’s work are strong and the curation is well designed and fresh. Based on my years of seeing work in NYC, this exhibit was on par with the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. Megan's comments are below the images I encourage you to read them and add your own! Also, below the Frye images please check out artist Sylwia Tur at the Linda Hodges Gallery