• Bryon Carr

AXIS Pioneer Square


Paintings by: Nick Riesland


last painting by: Nathan Brutzman


Megan: What an amazing use of color with the vibrant red background with a bright orange source of light from the side and electric blue lighting overhead.  It has a great balance of abstraction and clarity so the body still feels like flesh and bones but an energy is conveyed through the strategic distortions.  Really well done and an effective portrait!

Megan: "Girl in Scarf" I really like everything about this piece except I am distracted by the blue and green section at the bottom under her elbows, maybe her skirt?  It looks unfinished somehow because the colors don't seem incorporated into the rest of the piece or was painted as an afterthought.  I love the lighting and texture of the fabric and mark-making of the landscape behind her.  I can feel that a lot of love and attention went into the scarf or hijab around the little girl's head. 

Megan: "Under the Patrick" (last painting) What a dynamic composition for a portrait.  I am visually engaged by the line-work in the architecture of the building and the patchwork design of the collared shirt.  Part of what is so fascinating is trying to make sense of what the young man is actually doing and what is the context of the scene.  Is he dancing?  Is he in an altered state from substance use or mental health circumstances?  Is he simply a peculiar person?  I wish the darks were a little deeper and richer to help make the contrast of the lighting on the face, and the mood of the whole piece, even more striking. 

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