• Bryon Carr

Bonfire Gallery

sweet, rotten, sweet

A video installation, plus live performance by Peggy Piacenza

Performance: March 16–30, 2019: Performances, 3/16 5pm; 3/17, 3/23, 3/24 4pm & 6pm; 3/29 8pm; 3/30 6pm & 8pm Tickets: www.peggypiacenza.com


Megan: The first thing I notice is how small the space is and it is hard to move through the space.  I like the effect of the low overhead lighting and pop of color from the pink lighting along the floor.  The variety of size in the screens (one large one, a long triptych, a smaller screen on the floor facing the ceiling, and a tiny one in a low corner on the wall) helps move my eye around the room.  I appreciate the attention to detail of having all of the bells lined up in a uniform way, the frame around the large screen was a nice way to add some visual 'substance' to an otherwise flat screen.  I would liked to have seen more of the pink incorporated into the actual dancing footage.  I really was drawn into the dance components with the clown and the repetition of the paired dancers.   

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