• Bryon Carr

CoCA, NOON by Anna Mlasowsky Jan 3rd - Feb 23rd


Anna Mlasowsky

Megan: I enjoy seeing the long, floor to ceiling frosted glass strip panels that cover the front viewing window. Inside, there was a light background sound of birds chirping. In the center of the room, the artist was taking small geometric pieces of plastic and submerging them into a shallow pan of liquid. Then they were hung over our heads on a makeshift clothesline and the crystal pattern began to emerge. They will later be assembled into rock-like sculptures that will fill the gallery. She is explaining to me how this is a mini-residency for her and highlights the processes of artists, which are typically hidden from audiences, because the art appears in the gallery finished and curated in place. I like seeing the texture and cleanness of the pieces, which are void of any color, but I wish that there were more of the larger strips like I see in the front of the gallery. The natural light and extreme height is creating a beautiful, soft effect on my mood.

Bryon: When I entered the gallery I was drawn to the many pieces of clear shapes pinned above my head, upon closer inspection I could see ice-like patterns covering the surface of each one. To my left a woman stood behind a table dipping what looked like clear pieces of plastic into a tray of solution. She would carefully lift it out by the very tip and let the liquid drip away revealing beautiful, geometric patterns. I learned by talking to her that these small sheets will be used to construct a rock. We were privy to her process and it was hypnotic and intriguing. I can’t wait to visit again next month and see the end result.

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