• Bryon Carr

Method Gallery, Sight Lines by Henry Jackson-Spieker through Feb. 23rd

Henry Jackson-Speiker

Method Gallery

Megan: A series of neon pink and yellow strings connected to dark ‘washer’ shaped piece of wood coming from various directions throughout the gallery. They look like giant Chinese finger traps! I really like how the viewer from the street can equally enjoy the impact of the piece as the person viewing it from inside the gallery. In the gallery, the natural lighting creates more tangles lines of shadows on the walls and reinforces how the piece really connects the internal space of the gallery to the outside of the gallery. I’m distracted by the flooring, which is an old brown tile pattern (which I assume is likely original to the building) but in no way supports the piece. I wonder if having a white or solidly dark floor would be more effective.

Bryon: Web-like bright in tension and strength. Hexagonal shapes anchor the criss-crossed lines with a reflective center giving a lovely fish-eye perspective of the spiraling lines of thread. A whimsical yet, powerful energy pulses throughout the space. The scale of the shapes make me feel like I have shrunk down to the size of an insect.

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