• Bryon Carr

Shift Gallery, Wallflower by Kara Mia Fenoglietto Jan. 3rd - 23rd

Shift Gallery

Kara Mia Fenoglietto

Megan: On the left side of the gallery I am mesmerized by the large floral jacket and gown piece. The soft color and property of the fabric, combined with the addition of the dried flowers, gives me a beautiful vintage fantasy vibe. The size and volume of the jacket is a nice contrast to the lightness (physically and visually) of the material. It is really capturing and holding my attention in a way that most pieces do not. I also appreciate the combination of using text on the wall with the definition of wallflower, the texture and color of the pieces themselves, and the interesting texture of the bright stripes behind some of the pieces made from a bright colored tape. It is satisfying to have all of those elements for my eye to keep moving around the piece and being re-engaged with it.

Bryon: An ethereal aesthetic plays into these pieces the color pallet connects me to a cloudy day in late summer. As I entered the gallery my eyes were drawn to a gorgeous coat and gown, the construction is buoyant and soft and the silhouette is lovely. Against one of the walls were what looked like dresses being tightly pressed between two pieces of acrylic. I thought her cohesion was strong and her composition varied within the parameters of her vision and her clothing design is fashionable, well constructed and distinct ranging from everyday wear to formal evening. I love the play of the 2 meanings and how well these come across in the literal pressed to the metaphorical shy and quiet person A multi-faceted show from a multi-talented artist I look forward to seeing more of her work.

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