• Bryon Carr

SOIL Gallery


May 2nd - June 1st

Megan: Wow!  These garments have a head turning quality to them.  They are located in the back of the gallery but draw you in from the street because of their size and presence.  I think the craftsmanship is very well done and there is a lot of texture for my eye to fixate on.  There is a ancient, tribal reference in the overall design and combination of elements but the unusual colors - especially the black and silver - that give a more fantastical deity vibe.  I think the scale and amount of material is perfect and makes the piece really memorizing (and a little intimidating).  It's so good! 

Megan: This was a simple but really effective piece.  The tea set is almost cartoonishly traditional and formal which makes the black squiggle lines feel like a commentary on the status quo, outdated narratives of women or femininity, and the fussiness of something like a formal tea.  There is an almost 'gross' quality to the line-work but the style is very playful and funny!  

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