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ZINC Contemporary, re cast Lynne Hovis Rotholtz Jan 3rd - Feb 2nd

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Lynne Hovis Rotholtz

Zinc Contemporary

Megan: At first it looks like a type of matte finish painting but when I step closer I see that it is a layered paper collage. The edges of the paper are beautifully clean and I can see the paper is high quality with careful framing. I really am enjoying the generous amount of white space around the piece and the white paper/white frame combination.

The compositions near the back of the gallery that are square are really catching my eye. They are denser and have strong linear qualities with bold layers of colors compared to the organic (reminds me of the shapes made from the oil in lava lamps). These pieces have a Kandinsky quality that I feel more connected to. One piece that is sticking out to me, looks pretty different than all the rest, is called Raw. It has a nice balance of an interesting shape and color palette from the collage paper. I find myself wishing that the collages were not all so centered in the page, it might be interesting to experiment with them going off the edge of the paper and allowing some of the white space to be unexpectedly in the center of the page.

Bryon: Fluidic and detailed collages with distinct organic shapes float in a field of white.

Within the shape, beautiful images reminiscent of the 1930’s and 40’s softly clash and mesh.I love the intriguing patterns within each collage and the relationship between the smaller images encompassed within the larger shape. Beautiful attention to detail and layering, In addition, the artist created some lovely geometric work in a similar vein.

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